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Pop Up Windows

Far too many Internet sites fail to provide interesting content, even more fail to make it easy for their visitors to SEE the content that IS provided! One of the most useful tools for information display without clutter is the "On Demand Pop-Up Window"... notice the key words "On Demand". This means that a user makes a choice to click on a link and use a pop-up window! We provide MANY "On Demand Pop-Up Windows" in the Template Package. They are easy to use in your web design, and can be employed for a wide variety of information display tasks, such as product details, information details, instructions, tips and help...

Following are a few examples of the main "ready-made" pop-up windows we provide to you. Just click on one at a time to review!

Large Info and Resources Photos Large Multiple Products
Events and Quick Stories Product Detail Meeting Schedule
Additional Detail Profile Display Display Page

To use these popup windows, simply choose one, then:

1. Make sure the code for the JavaScript is the last entry before the closing </head> tag on the page you are using... Following is the code, but put it into NOTEPAD before you put it into the page!

<script src="popups.js" language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

2. Click on the link you want to use, then copy the link by viewing the "hypertext link" in the toolbar, then just insert this link into the text or photo you want to expand into a popup window! The link will look something like this:


3. If the size you want doesn't work, and there isn't a better choice either in the list ABOVE OR the list on the right, just double-click on "popups.js", copy a section of code, insert it back into the "popups.js" list, then change the height=x and width=x in your new entry. For example:

Copy the code entry from the beginning } to the ending }...

function popup_350_420(url){
var popwin;
popwin = window.open(url,"popup_350_420","width=350,height=420,scrollbars=no,menubar=no,
Paste and change the entire block into the list, the put in the new sizes! Like, popup_350_420","width=350,height=420 TO popup_380_450","width=380,height=450...

When you're finished, save the "popups.js" file AND the popup windows link page... Be sure you change the link measurements on the hyperlink!


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