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Page Layout II  


Don't try to insert complete articles in your newsletters. Just write an interesting lead-in, then link to the rest of the story on your website!



The graphics and colors in this website template are quickly and easily changed. You can locate free graphics at the Microsoft Office website!


You don't have to be a good writer to produce a great website!

There are thousands of writers on the Internet who will gladly allow you to reprint their articles and stories, with the only "charge" being that you retain their name, copyright information and either their email contact information or a link to their website.



Newsletters can be the most powerful sales tool you own, by keeping you in contact with your users and customers! Make it interesting, useful and easy to read.

We have designed many of the page layouts so you can convert them to an attractive newsletter on your website. You should include information and links that are useful to your clients and readers...



Offer reasonable advertising fees and accept ads from websites that offer products or services that are complementary to yours.


You can also join affiliate programs and promote other companies' products.


TIP: Create a demand for your website by offering your customers special time sensitive discounts!

We offer many more website designs in our special News Packs. Visit the Template Catalogs on FP World or Web In A Minute, and be sure to watch for the upcoming launch of our new website, Forwebsites.com - if the link works when you read this, you'll find some great websites for sale!

If YOU are a writer and want to submit articles to us, just click here and let us know! And, if you want to advertise YOUR products or services in our popular "My Website News", just click here and send us an email to get more information.

Keeping a good position in the Search Engines requires that you add new content on a regular basis - otherwise the "spiders" think your website has become another one of the millions that have been abandoned...

Newsletters offer you a quick, easy way to offer fresh content to the hungry spiders AND interesting material for your users or customers!