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Marketing and Search Engines

Keeping a good position in the Search Engines requires that you add new content on a regular basis - otherwise the "spiders" think your website has become another one of the millions that have been abandoned... The newsletters we provide in this template package offer you a quick, easy way to offer fresh content to the hungry spiders AND interesting material for your users or customers!

Search Engine Optimization is probably the most important aspect of website design.
A special note from Barb: 
Far too many e-commerce websitesFrontPage Templates Barb are designed and produced by "professionals" who know little or nothing about search engine optimization! YOU can do a better job for yourself using our FrontPage Templates, gaining a little knowledge, using some good tools and still spend a lot less money! We've spent a small fortune getting past the junk and time-wasters but you don't have to go through the same learning/spending curve. The Search Engine Cafe contains info and tips that YOU should know about when optimizing YOUR website for the search engines, PLUS links to a few of the BEST learning resources, info products and search engine tools.
What IS Search Engine Optimization?

It's the process of giving the search engines what they want to see when they index your site, such as relevant content and keywords that will match what a user is looking for when they enter a search request.

Your pages need to contain keywords and keyword phrases that relate to your product, but these keyword tools should be drawn from the most popular search terms for your products or services!

Visit the Search Engine Cafe to review the most useful and powerful tools and information resources available to help you succeed in your Search Engine positioning efforts!